Heatless Curls For Girls With Frizzy Hair

Throughout my young adult life, I have overprocessed my hair by heat, styling tools, and dyes. It got to the pointwhere my locks only looked good straight and even then, my ends were fried. I couldn’t stop killing my hair until enough was enough. I started to let my hair do whatever it wanted to do. But my hair is way too frizzy and poofy to rock the natural look (hello afro woman). So, I spend hours on YouTube and surfing the web to study heatless curls. Today, I wanted to share with you guys the way I usually style my hair.

2 Buns

Step 1: Brush damp hair until the tangles are gone
Step 2: Part your hair as normal
Step 3: Split your hair into 2 sections
Step 4: Twist each section of hair around each other until you form 2 buns
Step 5: Secure your hair with elastics or bobby pins
Step 6: Wait 6-8 hours to dry

Twist Braid

Step 1: Comb damp hair until smooth
Step 2: Split hair into 2 sections
Step 3: Start at the front of your hair and twist 2 small sections of hair over each other
Step 4: Continue this pattern all the way down your head, while adding a little more hair every twist
Step 5: Secure the ends with clear elastics
Step 6: Wait until completely dried to unravel

Pin Curls

Step 1: Start with brushed, damp hair
Step 2: Take 1-3 inch sections of hair
Step 3: Wrap the section of hair around itself until it makes a mini bun
Step 4: Do this all around your head and secure the buns with elastics
Step 5: Wait until your hair is dry to take down

From: http://wherefitnessmeetsbeauty.net/5-heatless-curls-frizzy-hair/


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